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Me And Bannie

i guess this turned into my color ref for me and yee i has the bannie toy too so why not
My babies
I can't believe I managed to get this picture
This looks professional
This one I forgot to upload (I think) I'm super proud of this one and it's the first one I wrote out in my notebook (I'd say read this because this one is very tame and it doesn't have to off a ship maybe just friends this story is very tame so have fun)

Robbie clung onto him like a cat. The hero just smiled and giggled, he could feel the villain shaking vigorously as he was being squeezed with fear. Sportacus kept his shoulders relaxed and continued to attempt to guide Robbie across the planks to the rope.

"I can't do this" Robbie started to get anxious

"Yes you can" Sportacus reached up to Robbie's hands that pryed to his shoulders, pulling them off and intertwining the fingers with his.

Robbie looked down at the hands that were trapping his in them and looked back up to the hero with unsure trust. He pulled one of his hands free and wiped his eyes and then reconnected it. Robbie looked into Sportacus' loving smile and felt surprisingly safe. Hands still linked, the hero started backing up onto the tightrope backwards. Robbie hesitantly followed.

"Just keep looking into my eyes." He whispered just loud enough to hear over the wind. Robbie didn't plan on even wanting to look away. Seeing his reflection in the gentle hazel eyes of the hero made his heart and mind mellow. He was almost hypnotized in the beautiful blueness of the warm and welcoming smile, and soon found himself heating up through the cold and blushed strongly, not even realizing he walked the 10 foot tight rope already and noticed his feet were safely on the next stand of wood in between the obstacles.

By the time he started having fun they were at the zip line by the end. Which was the part Robbie was fearing most. The whole time they were on the ropes course Robbie had clung onto the hero but in each part of the course his reasons had slowly changed to do so. But the zip line was one at a time and he didn't want to let go

"You go first." Sportacus told him. Robbie opened his mouth to object but the mood he was in made him ease his fear. He proceeded to click his harness to the line and hold the handles. Then got adrenaline he started yearning for Sportacus' touch once more but knew there wasn't a point and just wanted to get down. His only choice was to take the zip line. And he did it. Landing on his feet and moved to watch the heros turn. Sportacus didn't even connect his harness and swung himself foreword landing in the same place Robbie had. He unclicked his harness from his chest and ran over to Robbie, jump hugging him from and cheering for what Robbie had achieved

Robbie smiled and reached up to hug him back

Receiving his reward.


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mary smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Geek Love GIF by guitarsNthings

I am a major brony
For people that care my favorite pony is pinkie pie of the main six and Scootaloo of everypony
The oc you may most commonly see (with a red mane and purple glasses) is known as cherry punch or sizzle

Ok more about me
I foster kittens this will be my third year doing so and it is completely worth it
And after saying that you can easily realize my favorite animal
I am all in for a great scare and I personally find it pretty fun
My favorite thing to do is draw with both headphones in (totally guilty)
One of my goals is to make lots of people laugh with my really stupid jokes😆
And I enjoy video games as much as the next person does

Also maybe sometime in the future I might start youtube
And speaking of which I am a fan of markiplier team crafted jacksepticeye kuledud3 munchingbrotato and hwnt(plz don't kill me I have your poster)
I like to watch (cough cough ponies cough) South Park and well youtube (duh)



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and if you don't think that we can't sing it faster then your wrong,
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