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Ponies In Rafts Across The Exotic (Characters)
the P.I.R.A.T.E.S. finally colored in ms paint i hope you like it 

i bought the base so i dont have the link and it took too long to post this anyway

Cip: (main character)
-He Talks Alot
-Got Kicked Out Of His Parents House Cause He Never Went To College 
-Crushes Easily
-He Wanted To Be A Pirate All His Life

Idaho: (has a crush on cip but is his best friend)
-A Good Three Years Younger Than Cip
-She's Not Actually French But She Can Surely Fake A Good Accent
-Some Ponies Say You Can See The Ocean In Her Eyes
-She Has A Little Kids Smile

Rita: (Cips crush)
-Wears Fake Eyelashes Cause She Has None
-Loves Anything Cinnamon
-Obsessed With Valintines Day
-Loves Ribbons
-Constantly Assumed To Be Older Than She Really Is

Spray Can (like a little brother to cib)
-Loves Having Bangs In His Face
-An Adult With A Kids Spirit
-Does Hoof Paintings And Dyes Hair
-Dances With Passion Just Doesnt Dance With Talent

Captain Spitbucket (the captain of the pirate crew cip wanted to be in)
Despite Her Efforts The Wonderbolts Were Too Lazy So She Said "BUCK ET" And Became A Pirate Now She Gets To Cause Ponies Physical Pain Also Which Shes Very Happy About

Weasel: (a crew member of that pirate crew that loves being an asshole to him (and along with everyone else))
A Moody Teen That Was Kicked Out Of His Parents House For Being Assumed To Be Gay So Now He Decided To Become A Pirate And Stab All His Problems Away With His Snazzy New Pirate Sword
- Hes Also Spitbuckets Favorite Because Of His Passion And Desire To Hate Everything And Everyone

Scratch: (the accepted new crew member)
-He Is Scared Of Everything So To Raise His Self Esteem He Spends His Time Scaring Little Children
-You May Think His Eye Scrape Has A Babass Back Story But Some Mom Just Got Mad And Attacked Him For Scaring Her Kid
-He Also Got The Necklace From A Thrift Store
(Another one!) this is Sportacus x Robbie so yee
Okay so I based this one off the episode 'Sportacus who?' So it just follows a slightly alternated plot but obviously one including a specific ship I sail as hard as the titanic iiiif... it.. didn't.... siiink... -_- but yeah here it is

Also I'd like to add that it's more fun to do the story of how they started being together over and over because that's my favorite one to work off even if I like to use it constantly I imagine it happening in different ways (I've also tried to keep it as clean as an obvious shipping fanfic can stay so don't worry there's nothing that batshit disturbing)

just as the first
This is a ship fic so please people wanted me to post it if you don't want to them simply don't read it please respect that I decided to this and I had fun (at least in the sleepless night of constant boredom it was fun) and it was just something to do

"What was I doing?" Sportacus scratched his head "I know I was doing something.."

Robbie got a rush of pride that his plan had worked. He ran to approach the confused hero. He put his hands on the packed shoulders and leaned on him from behind.

"Hello! Sportacus buddy!" He put on an innocent tone

"You know me!" The blue hero replied

"Oh! Do I know YOU!?" Robbie grinned "I am your best friend." Robbie regretted this because he knew he could have done worse.

"You are!! That's great" Sportacus shook his 'friends' hand, Robbie felt how soft they were even through the aggressive shaking. "That's great... because I can really remember who I am.."

"Really!?" Robbie celebrated inside as he continued to mislead the hero. "Not to worry my friend listen to your old pal!"
He put his arm around sportacus' shoulder and lead him to the wooden board vividly painted over with scenery.

"Now this is your home!" He pointed to the billboard.

"Cool!" He looked closer and noticed that was only a painting "how do I...?"

Robbie guided him around the back and next to the hatch. Turning the wheel and popping open the top. "Jump in."

Even without memory Robbie noticed he was undoubtedly able to land on his feet at the bottom of the drop.

Robbie jumped down eagerly after him, just as sportacus stood up he was falling above him. Wincing and closing his eyes for the crash but was caught in some sort of item that caught his fall. Popping one eye open he found himself once again in the heros arms. He hesitated and tried to sit up, he felt his face heat up.

"P-put me down!" He squirmed.

"Oh." The hero let go of his unmovable grasp with no struggle "sorry." Robbie dropped to the floor once again but from a shorter height.

"Please!!! DONT pick me up again!" Robbie scolded while scrambling to his feet.

Robbie rolled his eyes and strutted to his chair. Sportacus blankly followed, waiting for his next thing he's told about himself.

"So what else was I?" He asked patiently.

"Oh!" Somehow Robbie seemed for have forgotten he was here "uhh... you were..."

Robbie weighted the outcomes of what he could put to reality. And soon the perfect one came to his brilliant mind.

"You were my boyfriend." Robbie was never one for affection but he would take it to get Sportacus to value him unconditionally over the other residents of this town.

"But weren't you my best friend?" He tilted his head.

"Oh uhh.. that's only what we told others.. like a secret only we know.." he prayed that the hero would buy it.

"So uhh... what would we do then.. as uhh you know..." Sportacus seemed to be trying to grasp what his friend even meant by it.

"Oh, come on." Robbie stood up once more then gagged a little bit but he knew he had to prove this lie somehow. "Things like.." he leaned closer to the mindwiped hero, he scrunched his face in disgust as he struggled to do what he seemed to have to. Then he quickly pecked Sportacus' lips with his and then turned his head to wipe off his mouth.

Sportacus stood there a little part of him seemed to know it wasn't right but that same part pushed him to actually keep it.

He looked over to Robbie after fluttering in his mind for a bold few moments, as Robbie was hung over foreword coughing in his cupped hands. Sportacus put a hand on the stiff shoulder of Robbie. Alerting him that he had to cut back to the acting, he started to turn around...

But was pulled the rest of the way upwards and his poorly cleaned lips were put right back onto Sportacus'. His cold little heart and cynical little mind winced at the passion that was being returned to him. He mentally struggled to pull way but couldn't work up even the will power to try moving. And from his experience he knew there was no point, the grasp of anyone that has even touched a soccer ball could easily out strengthen him. And he decided that since he has no choice he decided to go with it, but even he could tell deep down inside he had another reason to.

Robbie had no idea how to do this, and Sportacus had no idea about anything so both of them kinda just tried, they started to speed up the rhythm, Robbie following the lead of the hero and then slowed down. Holding out the last kiss as they slowly moved their lips away from each other's. Robbie opened his eyes slowly to see Sportacus fully alert as he squinted to the bright glow from the heros chest.

"What does this mean?" Sportacus poked the logo badge on his chest.

"Oh it just means..." Robbie knew if he told the truth that it might spark his memory and overlayer everything that he had 'reminded' him of. "It just means your calm or happy."

"Oh!" Sportacus wiped the face of concern off of his expression and became relieved.

(Meanwhile stingy hung from a tree calling for help and Stephanie saves him and starts suspecting something of why Sportacus didn't show up)

When the blinking vanished they looked back into each others eyes and stepped backwards towards the only piece of furniture that one could sit on. Robbie reached his hands up to the back of Sportacus' head as they tried to make space of the little amount on the couch. Leaning onto one another the closed their eyes and rested for the rest of the afternoon.

Sportacus lifted his eye lids and sat up, childish snores coming from his side. He looked over to see Robbie completely knocked out still. He decided to go up for some fresh morning air. Almost exactly as he stepped to the road a small crowd came storming towards him, yelling his name as they charged his way.

"Hey Sportacus where were you?" He was met a hug from a blur of pink.

"How do you know my name?" He pushed her off to see what she looked like, her expression dropped at the question.

"You know me, I'm Stephanie!" Stephanie smiled, hoping he was joking like earlier today.

"I-I'm sorry I don't remember anything.." Sportacus felt ashamed. "Now I have to go back to see if Robbie is awake.."

Stephanie gasped and seemed to easily realize what Robbie had done. She took the others and walked off to pixels house to try to fix his computer.


"Nope." He looked at the peacefully sleeping Robbie and he roared loud snoring in every breathe. "Not awake yet." He leaned down and lightly, very lightly kissed his forehead. He decided to head back up top and find those kids again. But by the time he got up they found him instead. Pixel shoved a small screen into his face seeing flashing scenes of him saving people, doing flips and hanging out with them.

And suddenly he knew who he was. He knew why his purpose was and what he did.

It was at that moment that Robbie had come up to find him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Robbie glared directly at Stephanie. "Why are you associating with" -he made himself gag- "THEM"

"Oh sorry Robbie they were just saying good morning!" Sportacus lied. "Do you need me?"

"Yes! PLEASE come back down to my- I mean your house?" Robbie went back to hold open the hatch and motion him to come towards it. Sportacus walked to him obediently a little bounce in his walk. Before he leapt down he gave Stephanie a little wink. Robbie followed glaring at Stephanie before slamming the hatch behind him.

This time Sportacus remembered to move out of the way for Robbie's fall.

"So.. uhh...." Sportacus felt his heart start beating faster. "That thing we did yesterday?"

"Yeah?" Robbie did NOT want to be reminded of it, he had never forgot. "What about it?"

"Can we do it again?" Sportacus grinned.

"Sorry but I don't think that I wa-" Robbie stopped himself, remembering the unfamiliar but great feeling it had given him. "Of course." He walked up to the hero "we used to do it all the time!"

Sportacus reached for Robbie's waist, and they were off.

Even with memories, a superhero has got to have his share of fun.



(Extended end/ epilogue)

Robbie opened one of his eyes to see Sportacus' face with his gentle eyes closed but found him doing the same thing. He could see him smile a little at Robbie's startle, then decided to tell him.

"Robbie?" Sportacus straightened up a bit and grinned as he said "Stephanie gave me my memory back"

But just as that sank into Robbie and his mind startled to flutter with questions and worries, robbie started to open his mouth.

And before any sound came out..

he was swiftly shut up by an even more passionate kiss~


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mary smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Geek Love GIF by guitarsNthings

I am a major brony
For people that care my favorite pony is pinkie pie of the main six and Scootaloo of everypony
The oc you may most commonly see (with a red mane and purple glasses) is known as cherry punch or sizzle

Ok more about me
I foster kittens this will be my third year doing so and it is completely worth it
And after saying that you can easily realize my favorite animal
I am all in for a great scare and I personally find it pretty fun
My favorite thing to do is draw with both headphones in (totally guilty)
One of my goals is to make lots of people laugh with my really stupid jokes😆
And I enjoy video games as much as the next person does

Also maybe sometime in the future I might start youtube
And speaking of which I am a fan of markiplier team crafted jacksepticeye kuledud3 munchingbrotato and hwnt(plz don't kill me I have your poster)
I like to watch (cough cough ponies cough) South Park and well youtube (duh)



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